A perfect blend of fresh, natural ingredients since 1981, our products are still handmade in small batches from old family recipes to ensure superior quality. When regular jams and jellies just won't do, Bainbridge Festive Foods put a little zest in your meal.

Hand-crafted using the finest ingredients, small batch, individually numbered artisanal jams, jellies and barrel-aged pickles. We promise you'll love everything we put our name on, because if it's not delicious, it's not Bainbridge.


For 2016, we have taken the time-honored recipes and flavor you have come to love and updated our packaging to reflect the small- batch, hand-crafted nature of our products. As an added bonus, the jars are now larger with even more BainBridge goodness, for the same price!  

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Bell Buckle Country Store, has a simple philosophy, to make the very best products possible. To do this we use only the finest ingredients cooked slowly in small batches using time- honored methods. One of the things we are most proud of is our dedication to producing all- natural products. All of our jams are made from whole #1 fruits and berries, pure cane sugar, and kissed with Grand Marnier, then cooked slowly in open pots. Our cherished family recipes, time- honored methods and commitment to consistent quality allow us to offer the very best homemade jam on the market today.

For over twenty years, I criss-crossed the Caribbean in search of a pirate’s treasure. What I found instead were some of the most amazing flavours imaginable, and now I share them with the world. On my return to the States, I set out to combine these tastes into a collection of unique recipes that capture the true flavour of the islands. Authentic tastes of the Caribbean, made using my exacting all-natural recipes, in small, open-pot batches, to ensure the best quality. Only the finest will do for the Captain’s table, so I use pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup, locally grown fresh produce and the best spices and peppers of the Caribbean. Our very best, for your table, you have my word on it.

Get ready to set sail on a culinary adventure. The Captain's own Private Reserve, truly is the finest in Caribbean and Southern specialties. Handmade using all-natural ingredients and our time-honored recipes featuring Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Peppers and Caribbean spices for your own taste of the islands, you have the Captain's word on it...


Farmington Pickling Company products are made using only the finest ingredients and time-honored methods for the highest quality. Whether served as an appetizer, a garnish for your drink or a snack, when you serve Farmington Pickles, you serve the very best!

In 1990, “Mama Lee” began hand-packing her famous hot chocolate mix in Middle Tennessee.  Hers was a small operation working out of her home kitchen, but she brought great attention to detail and love to the recipes she shared with the world. She collected letters from fans who carried her signature hot chocolates to the ends of the earth. Whether on a scientific expedition to Antarctica, sailing in the South Pacific, hiking through the Rockies, Alps and Himalayas or comforting our soldiers around the world, Mama Lee’s has always been a reassuring reminder of home. We carry on this tradition of great flavor and quality with immense pride and we will continue to make Mama Lee’s a familiar reminder of the good things in life, the taste of home.

Rose & Ivy has a simple philosophy, to make the very best products possible. To do this we use only the finest ingredients cooked slowly in small batches using time-honored methods. We make our products in small batches in open pots, with the emphasis on quality, not quantity. We know that lots of other companies can make more products than we do, but no one can make products better than we do.

While using the best ingredients is important in making the best products, you must also have the knowledge of how to combine those ingredients, and the patience to craft a superior product. There are no shortcuts on the road to excellence. This is why we use our cherished family recipes to cook our products slowly in small batches so that no flavor is lost.

Homemade on our family farm, our very best for your table, our pledge to ourselves and to you.

A Simple Philosophy...

We started with a very basic principle in mind, to make the simplest foods possible.  To reduce a recipe to it’s purest and most natural form, with no additives.  Every ingredient in our products is there for a reason, because it must be.  Think of it as gourmet minimalism, where every ingredient is absolutely necessary.

These simple ingredients are combined to form complex flavors, using time-honored methods and slow-cooking processes, for truly hand-crafted artisanal foods.

We know you have a choice, we hope you will choose to Simplify.